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WORLD LITERATURE IN REVIEW ^^ ^^^^^ ^H I Salt Ranges of Punjab as well as the reduction of all this expanse into the eccentric and mystical "boxes" that the blind Mehwish makes for each person she encounters. The novel is divided into five chapters or "Gate ways," each containing several sec tions narrated in first person by the four characters, often allowing us to see the same event from all four perspectives, deepening the novel's vertical dimension. We get detailed views of the lives of these characters, and though the novel has a glossary of Urdu terms, this novel does not often need the crutch of cultural or linguistic translation because it is not plot-driven but rather a rich, inward study of four original characters. The novel begins and ends with a fossil dig in the Salt Ranges where Amal, then eight years old, had accompanied Zahoor on the famous dig that unearthed the Pakicetus, a significant event in science for sure, but also an explosive claim in a 1970s Pakistan that was soon to become embroiled in religious fun damentalism. The science-versus faith conflict is primarily staged in the character of the young intellec tual Noman, whose writing talent is claimed by his fundamentalist father to write tirades against science. Noman gradually comes to under stand the mystical unity underlying both worldviews, driven home in no uncertain terms when a fundamen talist shooting and multiple deaths destroy Amal's peaceful marriage ceremony. The gradual and endur ing love story between Noman the "seeker" and the blind Mehwish who has "the sun in her" is a ten der counterpoint to the sociopolitical turmoil that throws the lives of these characters into disarray. Gayatri Devi Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Rieko Matsuura. The Apprenticeship of Big Toe P. Michael Emmerich, tr. Tokyo / New York. Kodansha Interna tional. 2009. 447 pages. $24.95. isbn 978-4-7700-3116-7 Serialized from 1991 to 1993, Rieko Matsuura's award-winning novel (Women's Literary Award, 1994) explores the twin themes of wom en's sexuality and liberation from conventional sexual norms to the taboo. It challenges the notion that heterosexual union is the only social ly acceptable form of sexual activity and suggests as its alternative "skin ship," sexual intimacy by means of body contact of all sorts. With extensive explorations and descrip tions of the "skinship," this work is littered with sexual body imag es and black humor. The writing, therefore, borders on pornography. Here, the author appears to sug gest that pornography can be help ful for women's sexual liberation. For the delineation of the themes, Matsuura seems to rely on Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of Grotesque Real ism, the core aesthetic of carnival that debases all that is high and lofty down to the level of the masses and gives them a new life amid the crude laughter of a carnival. The narrative opens with a prologue, in which the narrator M introduces Kazumi as a sexually na?ve college student. M informs us that Kazumi, whom she had hardly known, has appeared at her door early one morning to confide in her that her (Kazumi's) big toe has turned into a penis overnight. In the rest of the story Kazu mi, now the first-person narrator, describes her apprenticeship in sex ual pleasure through the fantasy world of "skinship." Her adventure begins with her discovery of self stimulating sex, followed by escape from her boyfriend, who tries to cas trate her newly acquired genital. She then falls in love with, and becomes engaged to, a younger, bisexual man. Kazumi is happy playing the role of a mother to this blind musi cian, who has only a thin sense of subjectivity. The two eventually join "the Flower Show," made up of a group of sexually "deformed peo ple" performing sexual acts for an exclusive audience. They establish a strong bond among themselves and collectively play the role of the trick ster, exposing the absurdity of con ventional male-centered lovemak ing and its dehumanizing effects on marginalized people. Kazumi ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 641 World Literature Today develops a lesbian relationship with one of the members, but the group soon disbands...

sex novel in urdu

THE 13TH WARRIOR (R) Directors: Michael Crichton, John McTiernan. With Antonio Banderas, Diane Venora, Omar Sharif. (114 min.) +++ During the Dark Ages, a dozen Viking warriors ride to the rescue of a kingdom under attack from a mysterious "terror that has no name." A visiting diplomat (Antonio Banderas) from the far more advanced Arab world, is forced to join them. During all manner of hacking and slashing, interrupted by a little romance, the diplomat must become a warrior. Based on Michael Crichton's novel, "Eaters of the Dead." By Greg Lamb ++ Action-packed, engrossing, gruesome. Sex/Nudity: 1 scene of implied sex. Violence: 10 scenes, sometimes graphic. Profanity: 3 mild expressions. Drugs: 3 scenes with alcohol.

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