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Where To Buy A Black Suit

Just starting your suit collection? Start with navy blue or charcoal gray. If you have a large suit collection and want to own a black suit, by all means buy one. Just know that it is not a fashion staple and should be reserved for formal occasions.

where to buy a black suit

A poor fitting black suit is one of the worst looks in menswear. The whole purpose of a black suit is to look sharp and crisp, so if the fit is off, people will notice. An expertly tailored black suit is commands attention. A sloppy black suit just drums up pity.

Otherwise, a black suit should fit like any other suit. Your trousers should fit clean through the thigh and fall clean against your shoe, with a slight break in the front. Your jacket should fit properly, avoiding chest breaks or collar gaps. If you have any questions about fit, be sure to ask!

Sometimes a black shirt underneath can work, and even a dark grey may look sharp. Other coloured dress shirts, like blue and pink, will be overpowered by the black suit and can look tacky.

Choose a silk necktie with a bit of a sheen, rather than something matte or knit, which is too casual. Purples and plums are great, as well as grey and silver, which look elegant with a black suit.

You can never go wrong with a white or black pocket square, but if you want to get creative, this is where you can do it, so long as the mood of the event allows for it. Play around with colours and patterns to inject a hint of personality into your look.

The darker and more simple a shoe is, the more formal it is. A sleek black shoe is great, but you can sub in a dark grey wingtip for just about any event. Avoid wearing brown shoes with a black suit.

Our classic black suit is designed for the traditional bridal party. It is sure to set a bold back drop and make any accent colors pop. An absolute necessity, you will wear this again and again and again!

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Browse our high-end collection of the most popular and sought-after men's suits by Tomasso Black. We've helped many customers find the perfect suit that is just right for them, from style, color, size, materials, and everything in between. When shopping for the best suits for men, the occasion determines the type of men's suits you should be shopping for. Here at Tomasso Black, we take great pride in offering high-end wedding suits, everyday casual modern suits for the office, and men's luxury suits for that unforgettable evening night out.

From graduation, job interviews and the nine-to-five to weddings, dinner parties, funerals and plenty more, few suits boast quite the same versatility as black suits. If a man is only going to have one trusty two-piece in his wardrobe, black is surely the most sensible colourway he can opt for. And yet, with a smorgasbord of more adventurous sartorial options to choose from, the black suit is so often considered boring.

If you want to leave some raised eyebrows in your wake, this Givenchy number will ferment that sonic jealousy. It lies somewhere between a black suit and a tuxedo but is only really denoted as the latter through satin peak lapels with angled intersections, slight pagoda shoulder, and darts. The mohair-wool blend gives it an enduring structure while the hook and bar clasp renders yet more unconventional formality. Jacket, 2,120 1,484. Trousers, 665 399. At

Ted Baker's reputation didn't come from just anywhere you know. Forming part of an extensive tailoring collection, this black suit is a master of the formal occasion. The versatility of this piece is matched only by its reserved yet confident demeanor, primed for wear to any dress-coded event your calendar may throw at you. Jacket, 239. Trousers, 140.

If you want any evidence as to whether Sandro can do impactful minimalism, look only as far as the label in their suit; it sums up perfectly the direct and yet chic direction of the brand. The black suit has always been about aesthetic restraint, respect, and formality. This Parisian slim-fit shape, combined with the slim notch lapels, easy double-button front, and dual-flap pockets all work to embody the aforementioned adjectives. Jacket, 519. Trousers, 259.

Known for its luxurious shirts, Turnbull & Asser have produced a decadent and stylish cotton-corduroy suit for the new season. Cord is a wonderful material to don a black suit in, for it retains the texture, feel, and confidence of the crease-free fabric, all the while expressing it in a nonchalant fashion. Jacket, 495. Trousers, 175.

Simple but sophisticated, a clean cut is not to be sniffed at. With the optional addition of a waistcoat, this suit blends classic with contemporary to create a look worthy of a number of locations and events. Just grab a black leather backpack or cross-body bag and head out. 179.

The joy of this Selected Homme suit comes in its sense of verve and how effortlessly it can be painted onto your daily rhythms; be it work, or play. The modern three-button front ties in with the short notch lapels and a loose fit to make this an ideal pairing with the more informal T-shirt, or Oxford shirt. Think: successful business creatives stroking their chins in their chic Scandinavian-inspired studios. 185. At

Bored of trad tailoring? No fear, certified budget suiting mixologist, Asos Design, is always up for stirring things up. Crafted from crinkled black plisse (a favourite of fashion-forward Issey Miyake) in an asymmetric wrap-around design, this suit brings a Gen Z worthy twist to your expectations of tailoring. Jacket, 105 63. Trousers, 45 29.50. At

Paying homage to vintage detailing whilst updating it for a modernised look, this Moss London double-breasted suit makes the perfect choice for the contemporary man with one foot in the retro-inspired world. Adapting the peaked lapel and double-breasted styles into a sleek, slim-fit design, this suit is as debonair as it gets. Keep styling simple with a white T-shirt and white trainers. Jacket, 119. Trousers, 60.

The black suit is often aligned with a formalwear shortcut, and in this sense, this Saint Laurent piece delivers everything that the black suit promises. From the virgin wool construction to the unctuous silk lining, this suit will bring traditional stylishness to any number of formal occasions. 2,315. At

As the description implies, it is a classy black suit with a red tie. A pocket can be seen on the upper torso. A white undershirt can also be seen under the black suit, as well as a brown leather belt near the waistline.

Wool has been the suit fabric of choice for centuries and is still the standard today. Wool is natural, breathable, water-resistant, drapes well, feels good to the touch and can last for decades if cared for properly.

A better investment, in the long run, is a wool suit even though it may be pricier than other options. We can see where the temptation to buy a polyester suit comes from, but we suggest you read our article on polyester vs wool suits first.

Conversely, an open-weave summer weight wool like a fresco weave suit is ideal for warmer weather and may leave some feeling under protected from the elements in the winter. To be comfortable all four seasons, choose all-seasonal wool.

Try our Little Black Tux and experience the highest quality line of tuxedos exclusively designed & manufactured for women. Nothing will make you feel more empowered, sexy, and effortlessly confident than wearing our tuxedo styled to your liking. Perfect for any occasion: wedding's, prom, birthday's, black tie affair's, or even just a gno!

Treasure hunting for a suit (where you MAY or may not find something good): Nordstrom Rack, Topshop, T.J. Maxx, Yoox, ASOS, OFF5TH, River Island, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Nordstrom brands Halogen and Open Edit sometimes have good deals on basic suits; Nordstrom also sells suits from Topshop and 4th & Reckless.

For other tips on buying a basic interview suit (including considerations on colors, care, accessories, layering, and more), please check out The Corporette Guide to Interview Suits, as well as our recently updated guide to tops to wear under suits.

Brands in this tier who might have a classic, simple suit: Alaïa, Altuzarra, Akris, Armani, Veronica Beard, Victoria Beckham, Burberry, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, Joseph, Max Mara, Michael Kors, The Row, Saint Laurent, St. John and Zimmerman. 041b061a72

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