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Rasail O Masail: A Collection of Essays by Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maududi

Rasail O Masail (Urdu: رسائل و مسائل) is a collection of essays written by Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maududi (1903-1979), one of the most influential and prolific Islamic thinkers and scholars of the 20th century. The essays cover a wide range of topics related to Islam, such as theology, jurisprudence, politics, history, culture, and social issues. The essays were originally published in various journals and magazines, and later compiled into five volumes by the Islamic Publications Ltd. in Lahore, Pakistan.

The first volume of Rasail O Masail was published in 1952, and the last volume was published in 1976. The total number of essays in the collection is 163, and the total number of pages is 2,640. The essays are written in a clear and concise style, and reflect Maududi's deep insight and understanding of the Quran, the Sunnah, and the Islamic tradition. Maududi also engages with the contemporary challenges and issues faced by the Muslim community, and offers his solutions and guidance based on the Islamic principles and values.


Some of the topics discussed in Rasail O Masail are:

  • The concept and definition of zakat (obligatory charity) in Islam, and its application to different categories of people and wealth.

  • The status and rights of women in Islam, and the refutation of some common misconceptions and allegations against Islam regarding women.

  • The nature and significance of dreams in Islam, and the Islamic view on dream interpretation.

  • The issue of slavery and concubinage in Islam, and the historical context and evolution of these institutions.

  • The phenomenon of abrogation (naskh) in the Quran, and its implications for the understanding and application of the Quranic verses.

  • The concept and practice of jihad (struggle) in Islam, and its distinction from terrorism and violence.

  • The role and responsibility of Muslims in politics, and the Islamic principles for establishing a just and righteous government.

  • The importance and etiquette of worship (ibadah) in Islam, and the ways to attain sincerity (ikhlas) and acceptance (qubuliyat) from Allah.

  • The history and development of Islamic civilization, and its contributions to various fields of knowledge and culture.

  • The challenges and opportunities for Muslims in the modern world, and the need for reform (islah) and revival (tajdid) within the Muslim community.

Rasail O Masail is a valuable source of Islamic knowledge and wisdom for Muslims as well as non-Muslims who want to learn more about Islam. The essays are also relevant for today's context, as they address many contemporary issues that Muslims face in their personal and collective lives. Rasail O Masail is a testament to Maududi's intellectual legacy and his service to Islam.

To read or download Rasail O Masail in PDF format, please visit [this link].

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